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Paracas is a beautiful  natural reserve paradise. Amazing weather with a shiny sun all year round and a quiet and long sea bay ideal for swimmers, for nautical sports , as well as the best conditions for extreme sports and surf .
Paracas is located at 245Km south of Lima, with 22 C annual average temperature to make your stay more pleasant.

Perfect place for sports and outdoors activities such us sandboarding, water skiing, wind surfing, water craft, sailing boats, yate trips, fishing, surfing ( San Gallan Island), kite surfing, rafting, paragliding, airplane classes, and many more. 

For the nature lovers, Paracas is a unique ecosysteme in the world, a small boat ride can take you to Ballestas Islands where you will observe sea lions, bobo bird, pelicans, penguins and marine birds, among many other species converge looking for shelter and food.

There are several atractions to visit to can visit the Cathedral and the Candelabro
The cathedral is an outstanding rock formation created by the sea and wind erosion. Considered Humanity Patrimonium is one of the most famous images of Peru wordwide .
The Candelabro is an enigmatic figure draw in the sand, its origen is uncertain, butmany people believed is related to the Nazca lines located 300Km southof Paracas. The Candelabro can be better seen from the boat ride to Islas Ballestas.